• New: 3400 F 3V Technology NESSCAP

    New N60 Cell from Nesscap with 40% more Energy 

    60mm diameter, 3V Technology 3400F

    3,0 rated Voltage, 4,2Wh, Now Available!

  • Sales and consulting by Capcomp GmbH
    Sales & Consulting

    Electronic Components Top Designed

    We provide to you specific product knowledge and years of
    experience in usage of supercapacitors, ecaps and transformers.
    Products and application expertise from one source. Order by mail, fax
    or online at shop24.capcomp.de

    Sales & Consulting
  • PC5 PC10
    PC5 and PC10 available

    Hermetically sealed construction

    The EoL ultracap-cells PC5 and PC10 of TECATE
    are available at short time.
    Substitutes the Maxwell PC10.

    PC5 and PC10 available
  • Ultracaps von Nesscap

    Ultracapacitors from NESSCAP

    They are also called Ultracap or Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC),
    and are everywhere to the place where extremely high energies are
    need to be loaded or unloaded in no time.

  • Elkos manufactured by Aishi

    Elkos / ECaps from AiSHi

    Chinas No 1 at ECaps
    has found now a new home in Germany.
    Consulting and sales at CAPCOMP GmbH.

  • Tecate Supercaps
    Custom-made: Tecate

    Individual supercap solutions

    The strenght of the US manufacturer: individual product configurations
    for special customer requirements. Also available in Germany.
    Consulting and sales by CAPCOMP GmbH.

    Custom-made: Tecate
  • EMEI Group transformers
    Perfect sound

    Trafos und Choke-coils from EMEI

    Components of our Partners EMEI are often installed in amplifiers.
    Developers and designers rely on our expertise in
    transformers and inverter components

    Perfect sound

Your AiSHi Partner

in Central Europe - Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As of 2014, we represent AiSHi as a manufacturer and authorized distributor. We clarify technical and commercial issues and take care of logistics.

Let Us Advice You.

AiSHi offers complete technology from a single source: development – foil – etching - electrolyte – packaging and testing. We have been issued the standard quality certificates and TS16949 (for the automotive industry).

There are many reasons for choosing AiSHi electrolytic capacitors:

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Availability
  • Appealing prices

Expertise and experience

Automotive industry, railway, electrical industry, energy, IT and much more...

CAPCOMP was established in 2006. It is in high demand as a technology partner for all manner of industries. With our expertise, we help designers and developers to optimize ultracaps, electrolytic capacitors, coils and transformers to suit their particular needs – giving attention to both technical and economic factors.

We have close relationships with manufacturers such as AiSHi, Nesscap, TECATE and the EMEI Group and often serve as an interface between customers and Asian, resp. American development departments when innovations are released.
CAPCOMP is a distributor and representative and also offers consultancy to OEM customers.

Strong brands

AiSHi electrolytic capacitors 

AiSHi is the leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in China. AiSHi electrolytic capacitors are already used on a very large scale in lighting technology (LED lighting). AiSHi is known for its durability and attractive prices and has risen to the top group of suppliers in this market segment. CAPCOMP is an authorised AiSHi representative and distributor for Central Europe.

AiSHi electrolytic capacitors

Tecate Group from USA
Custom design supercap modules

  • Multiple cell and module configurations
  • Wide range of capacitor types and custom designs
  • Even small amounts possible

Aishi E-Cap

Tecate Supercap cells and modules

NESSCAP ultracapacitors 

NESSCAP, headquartered in South Korea, is one of the leading manufacturers of ultracapacitors. As a long-term partner of NESSCAP in Central Europe, we have gained extensive experience in the field of ULTRACAPS and we can thus help you with specific technical issues.

AiSHi electrolytic capacitors

NESSCAP ultracapacitors

EMEI Group transformers

EMEI Group transformers have been part of our product range for many years. They have proven reliable assemblies in various applications, including music electronics in amplifier assemblies. The transformers are also widely used in LED lights. The fully automatic, product-specific manufacturing ensures a high level of manufacturing quality.

EMEI Group transformers