Nesscap Zellen

Ultracap - Cells

NESSCAP currently offers cells with a capacity of 3F to 3000F. Each cell has a voltage of 2.7V. As the electrolyte ACN (acetonitrile) is used. We distinguish the cells according to their size in the small cells of groups (3F - 50F) with wire terminal, medium cells (100F-360F) with snap-in connectors and large cells. The large cells are available in two variants: with screw connection and laser welding contact. 

A special type and based on dedicated technology are the so called Pseudo Caps. These cells are available from 50F to 300F. These Pseudo Caps are inherently capacitors, but also show battery-like properties.



High Performance Cells

High-performance cells up to 3000F in cylindrical shape with very low internal resistance are used in buses and trucks for energy recovery and contribute significantly to reducing emissions of CO2.

Cylindric Cells

Also the small cylindrical designs have already proven their versatility. Thus, for example batteryless flashlights, remote controls, meters and much more be equipped with these capacitors. The charging is done by induction or by other suitable means. As a "Memory Back-Up in Embedded Applications", the ultracapacitors have already proven many times. The life of the battery can, for example, be increased. The diversity of applications are virtually unlimited.


Small Cells:
3F to 50F

  • Electronic circuits 
  • Measurement 
  • Medical 
  • Control technology
  • Remote control 
  • and much more.


Small Cells:
3F to 50F XP

  • especially for harsh
  • digital circiuit
  • meetering
  • medical application
  • controll technology





Medium Sized Cells:
100F to 360F

  • Robots
  • Pitch Control
  • Cranes
  • UPS
  • Torch lights
  • and much more




50F to 300F

    • Fire Alarm System
    • Medical Handheld Set
    • Measurements
    • Emergency Lighting
    • UPS
    • and much more



Large Cells:
650F to  3000F

  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Trains,  Trams
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • and much more



Small Modules 5V:
1.5F and  2.5F

  • Embedded Circuits
  • Measurement
  • Medical
  • Controll Units
  • BackUp-Systems
  • and much more