• NAINA Semiconductors
    Economical Power Electronics

    Power semiconductors made in India

    NAINA Semiconductors convinces with competitiveness
    for power electronics and discrete components. Now also
    represented in Germany. Consulting & European distribution.

    Economical Power Electronics
  • SAMWHA Capacitors, Korea
    SAMWHA Korea

    Hybrid Supercaps - MLCC - Inductive Elements

    Capcomp is very happy about having SAMWHA, one of Koreas most
    important capacitor manufacturers, in its product range. Their very special
    hybrid capacitors and MLCCs will perfectly meet the demand on
    increase of energy efficiency in industrial applications.

    SAMWHA Korea
  • Pureechem Supercaps
    Stable voltage

    Supercap cells & modules

    In addition to small supercapacitor cells, PUREECHEM develops
    modules that are preferably used to stabilise the battery voltage
    in vehicles. Now also in our linecard!

    Stable voltage
  • ULTRACAP - Supercap
    Supreme Power Solutions

    SPSCAP - market leader in China

    The ultracap expert is presenting his products and solutions
    on the European market through Capcomps sales venues.
    ULTRACAP cells from 1F-10000F, modules 5V to 160V.

    Supreme Power Solutions
  • Tecate supercaps
    Custom-made: Tecate

    Supercaps in customer configuration

    The main reason for the US manufacturers strength are their fantastic
    performance doing customized product configurations.
    Tecate is
    represented by Capcomp GmbH doing technical advice and sales.

    Custom-made: Tecate

Electronic Components

Consulting - Sales - Logistic

CAPCOMP has been a sought-after technology partner since 2005.

With our experience in ultracaps, electrolytic capacitors, coils, voltage converters and transformers, we contribute to ensuring that designers and developers can use these components optimally for their application - not only from a technical but also from an economic point of view.

We design and develop customer-specific modules with power electronics in Germany according to German and European standards.

News   Ξ   Press

  • 02-2023 New partnership with CAP-XX Supercapacitors.
    CAPCOMP represents the Australian supercap expert
    in the DACH region.
    + Ultra-thin supercapacitors 35mF to 2.4F
    + Cylindrical supercaps, radial, snap-in, large terminal 0.5F - 3000F
    + LIC hybrid supercaps 10F - 220F
    + Coin cell types: horic./vertic. mounting 0.1F - 1.5F
    + Large module type 16V - 2000V
    → Further details in brief
  • Update of Capcomp - Linecard 02-2023 DE

SPSCAP Ultracaps

SPSCAP - ULTRACAP for almost any customer application

CAPCOMP is distributor of the SPSCAP  and advises OEM customers to find ideal product solutions. .

The product variety of SPSCAP, starting with small cells and modules up to high-voltage modules, offers a PLUS of flexibility and safety, especially in agile markets like renewable energies.

SAMWHA hybrid capacitors
SAMWHA modules & cells

SAMWHA - Korean capacitor experts


SAMWHA portfolio (pdf)

EMI filters from HIGH & LOW CORP.

With 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of EMI and RFI filter solutions, the Taiwanese manufacturer is one of the most reliable suppliers of quality filters. H & L filters are found in countless electronic products in the civilian and military sectors worldwide. The availability of H & L filter solutions is closer to the customer than many other competitors with decentralised warehousing, including in Europe, and corresponding representations. 

High & Low Corp. Logo



High frequency transformers & line filters from IKP Electronics

IKP Electronics manufactures line chokes, toroidal chokes, line filters, transformers, SMD inductors and coils for wireless power transmission. CAPCOMP is official IKP representative in Europe.

IKP Logo
IKP Electronics

Customized supercaps by Tecate USA

  • Supercap modules in customer specifications
  • Optimal adaptation to your technical requirements
  • Even small lot sizes possible
Logo Tecate Group USA
Tecate logo

Diodes and Modules
NAINA Semiconductor

The Indian manufacturer of diodes and power electronics has been part of the Capcomp family since mid 2020. For us as distributor Europe, NAINA's power modules, power diodes and thyristors are an ideal complement to existing power electronics and energy storage solutions.

NAINA Standard-/Fast Recovery Dioden
NAINA Z-Dioden
NAINA Standard-/Fast Recovery Dioden

Film capacitors made by DEKI

The largest manufacturer of film capacitors in India is now officially represented in Europe by Capcomp. This type of capacitor is used in large quantities in the production of power electronics, in LED lighting technology and in fans. Capcomp advises product developers on the technical design and choice of the optimal DEKI components. The company has several QM certifications, including IATF 16949: 2016, the QMS standard in the automotive industry.

DEKI logo
DEKI video
Company video (Youtube)

Supercapacitors from PUREECHEM

The Korean manufacturer of supercapacitors convinces with its supercap cells and modules with performance features such as high energy densities, power stability and service life. Thanks to numerous in-house developments for electrodes, the company has further optimisation of important technical and economic product properties in its own hands and can adapt more quickly to market requirements. Capcomp GmbH has been a pan-European distributor for Pureechem cells and modules since the end of 2021.

Pureechem Supercapacitors

Pureechem - Distributor Europe: Capcomp GmbH

Power solutions by stercom

The Bavarian company is characterized by highly efficient solutions in power electronics. Ultracap and battery management solutions from Stercom Power Solutions are used in transport and logistics for, among other things, efficient brake energy recuperation or as power boosters for pulse power applications. Capcomp GmbH has been closely associated with this manufacturer for many years and supports customer-specific developments and adaptations.

Stercom Power Solutions - logo
Stercom Power Solutions - logo

Inductive components from EMEI / ECL

Transformers from the EMEI family have been part of our product range for years. They have been used in various applications, i.a. proven in music electronics in amplifier modules as reliable modules. The transformers are also used in very large quantities in LED luminaires. The product-dependent, fully automatic production of the components (switching transformers, mains chokes, SMD power inductors, etc.) ensures a high production quality.

Logo ECL - eMEI Group
eMEI transformers

DC-DC Converter made by TOPPOWER

Voltage transformers (DC-DC, AC-DC) from the Chinese manufacturer TOPPOWER have been part of the wholesale range at Capcomp since 2017. The manufacturer offers an extremely broad product portfolio and can supply the optimal converter product solution for almost every industrial sector.

TOPPOWER  voltage transformers
Toppower DC-DC transformer

Electrolytic capacitors from AiSHi

AiSHi is the leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in China. AiSHi Elko is already being used in large quantities in lighting technology (LED luminaires). Longevity and attractive prices have already allowed AiSHi to become one of the leading providers in this market segment. CAPCOMP is an authorized AiSHi representative and distributor for Central Europe.

AiSHi eCaps - Logo
Aishi eCap


TOPWORLD as a joint venture partner of FENGHUA is taking care of the International sales for the FENGHUA multi-layer chip capacitors, ceramic capacitors, inductors and NTCs in many industries. By working with Capcomp, the manufacturer aims to increase brand awareness in the D-A-CH region and assert its position as a high-performance, solution-oriented supplier to its European customers through Capcomp's expertise.

Fenghua (HK) Group - logo
Fenghua/Topworld logo
Fenghua Topworld portfolio

Relay from SHORI

Taiwanese SHORI Electronic Co LTD supplies the whole world with relays for industrial control engineering. One of the main markets are automotive and consumer electronics. In Europe we act as a SHORI partner as a direct contact for buyers but also for developers, whom we support with the specification of OEM/ODM solutions and organizational issues.


MORECRAFTS connectors

The Taiwanese manufacturer of cable assemblies and cable connectors is a regular supplier to many top brands in the consumer electronics industry. With board-to-board, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board solutions, the manufacturer offers an attractive package that is available in both standard and OEM/ODM versions.

Morecrafts Taiwan

MORECRAFTS product line

Capacitors from ITELCOND

In the Capcomp range since 2021. The capacitors developed and produced in Italy are frequently used in the high-voltage sector. In recent years, Itelcond has increasingly specialised in capacitors with higher nominal operating voltages and thus supplies manufacturers from the power supply sector, medical technology and others worldwide.

Itelcond logo

Resistors from ZEALWAY

The Taiwanese company ZEALWAY ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has established itself as a supplier not only in Europe for 25 years. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of thick-film chip resistors, power resistors and leaded resistors in terms of design and application range.

Zealway logo