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AiSHi = All in one hand

Since the company was founded in 1985, the AIHUA GROUP has pursued the "AiSHi" brand with a consistent all-in-one-hand strategy that offers customers worldwide a high level of safety and innovation. With this strategy, the group has conquered the top position in China.

AiSHI Factory
Headquarter AiHUA Group in Yiyang City, Hunan, China


Quality and Innovation drives the Company 

The mission of founder Ai Li Hua was from the beginning innovation and reliability. This philosophy has been preserved until today. The company's success is reflected in growing sales - market leader in China - and a strong international presence.


AiSHi Portfolio

ELKO's: Aluminium Electrolyte, Solid Polymer 

AiSHi Miniature Elkos, Radial

Aluminium Electrolyte
Radial Types

  • Type "Standard"
  • Type "Miniatur; smal types"
  • Type "LED - High Reliability"
  • Type "power supplies"
  • Type "Speciall"
[Translate to EN:] AiSHi - Large Can - Snap-in - Type

Aluminium Electrolyte
Big Design / Snap-in

    • Type "Universal"
    • Type "High Reliability"
    [Translate to EN:] Screw-mount Terminal Type

    Aluminium Electrolyte

    • Type "Standard"
    • Type "Inverter"
    [Translate to EN:] AiSHi Elkos Leitfähiges Polymer - Typ Radial, Typ SMD

    Conductive Polymer

    • Radial Type
    • SMD Type