Balancing & Ultracap Management Systems

developed by Stercom Power Solutions

STERCOM ultracap management & balancing

Balancing | Protection | Monitoring | Diagonsics

  • Dynamic balancing
  • Cell protection
  • Single-Cell monitoring
  • System diagnostics
  • up to 2000V

Stercom CapMon is a modular and highly efficient UltraCap Balancing and Management System designed for single UltraCap Module as well as big stacks with stack voltages up to 2000V. Each individual cell voltage and temperature is precisely measured to trigger an Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB) circuit depending on cell voltage differences, stack state conditions and other monitoring parameters.

Capmon Balancing Solution by Stercom

CapMon: charge balance, protection & diagnostics

  • Dynamic active Cell Balancing (DCB)for each individual cell
  • High balancing currents for fast stack adjustment depending on the version up to 3A
  • Protection of each cell against overvoltage and reverse voltage
  • Communication between the Modules via iso SPI and CAN bus in higher levels for safe galvanic isolation.
  • Interface to intelligent Charger devices via CAN bus or standard field bus. Adjustment of charging characteristic depending on DCB status. Charger shut off in case of balancing error.
  • CapMon UltraCap Stack Monitor and Graphical User Interface using a Tablet, PC oder SmartPhone 
    App. Graphical indication of Cell Temperature, State of Charge (SoC) and Capacitance of the stack, the module and each individual cell. Internal serial resistance measurement of the complete stack as an option.
  • Interface to the CapMon Stack Monitor via USB; CAN or Bluetooth
  • Up to 12 Cells per Board, up to 96Cells per UltraCap Module Controller (UMC), Module Voltage up to 54V
  • Up to 40 UMC Module to be connected in series or in parallel, stack voltage up to 2000V using high isolation CAN communication.
  • Remote Access for remote trouble shooting and service via CapMon Tablet.

System Overview

UltraCap Stacks with several UMCs, an external Charger and the CapMon Tablet

Capmon Systemübersicht