Applications for
Electrolytic Capacitors

AiSHi Electrolytic Capacitors

A versatile capacitor

Indispensable component for:

  • LED lighting
  • Power supplies
  • Chargers
  • Invertes
  • and much more

Electrolytic capacitors have long been standard in the development of electronic assemblies. There are a multitude of manufacturers on the global market, but there are very few who can offer the entire technology and value creation chain from one source. One of those who can is our partner AiSHi. The development of the foils and electrolytes forms the foundation of their work and highly automated production secures the chain of delivery. The process is monitored by certified quality management.

  • In-house development of foils
  • In-house production of electrolytes
  • In-house manufacturing technology
  • Long service life
  • Broad field of applications
  • RoHS-compliant and lead-free

Electrolytic capacitors in lighting technology

In addition to the classic applications in all industries, such as on-board power supply, LED supply, chargers, inverters and circuit boards, all capacitor types can be used in a wide range of lighting technology applications. As an increasingly large proportion of electronic assemblies are being used in automotive technology, new requirement profiles are needed for classic components, especially with regard to service life. Our related ULTRACAP experience is a great help when it comes to offering consultancy for classic capacitor applications.

Buffering, storing, filtering, smoothing, etc.

Typical applications of electrolytic capacitors include filtering and smoothing rectified alternating voltage and alternating voltage components, buffering and interim storage for direct voltage supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, the intermediate circuit of frequency transformers, energy storage in flash devices, motor starters (start capacitor), crossovers in loudspeakers, smoothing of pulse width modulation in LEDs and much more.