Supercap vs Battery

Batterie vs. Ultracap

Supercapacitors are unbeatable

Quickly charged and releasing high power in short time

  • Cycle stability
  • Service life
  • Temperatur range
  • Performace density
  • Acceleration forces
  • Resistance against vibration
  • Maintenence-free
  • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly

ULTRACAPS have become an important element in energy storage. They are characterised by their outstanding properties, such as high cycle stability (>1,000,000), long service life (>10 years), broad temperature range (-40 to +70 degrees), high performance density (quick charge/discharge, 10,000 W/kg), high energy efficiency (>0.95), high resistance against vibration, high acceleration power, zero maintenance requirements and, not least, their eco-friendly materials. They are not always the most cost-effective solution. This depends on numerous factors and each case needs to be considered individually. We will gladly assist you!

Properties of batteries and ultracps (supercaps)

Discharge-Time1s - 30s0,3h - 3h
Charge-Time1s - 30s1h - 5h
Energy-Density (Wh/kg)1 - 1020 - 100
Power-Density (W/kg)10.00050 - 200
Charge-/Discharge-Performance0,90 - 0,970,70 - 0,90
Charge-/Discharge-Cycles> 1.000.0000500 - 2500
Environment-Temperature-40 bis +700 - 60
Cacomp Service

Energy density is an important paramter when super capacitors
are compared with batteries:

Energy/Powerdensity-Diagramm of Energy-Storage-Sytems

Energy-Powerdensity diagram