Supercap Storage Capacitor

Advantages of ultracaps (supercaps)

Super benefit through super technology

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Supercaps are innovative energy storage devices, which due to their technical properties are becoming more and more application areas tap. The originally favored key application as the primary energy storage (e.g., tank) in the car has very quickly turned out to be a wrong path. Fortunately, other applications in industry and power engineering were quickly found.

One of the most important areas that the Ultracaps have developed is as an energy storage for the emergency supply of storage devices that require operationally uninterruptible power supply. Thanks to their cycle stability, the Ultracaps outlast the life of the storage solution.

The benefit for the user with this solution lies in the low maintenance of the memory. Maintenance in and on the storage media are expensive and a failure of the system costs additional money.

  • innovative
  • economically
  • maintenance-free
  • environmentally friendly
Supercaps, innovative energy storage