Ultracap applications

Ultracap applications - Technical advice by CAPCOMP GmbH

Small bundles of energy that react as soon as you need them.

  • Battery replacement
  • Battery extension
  • Short-term peak performance
  • Quick, large capacity
  • Recuperation
  • Low temperatures
  • Many cycles
  • Service life

Ultracaps are finding increasing use in many areas as a battery replacement or as a battery addition to conventional batteries. Ultracaps are ideal for covering short-term peak performance and recuperation (energy recovery).

Depending on the application come cells or modules are used.

Whenever batteries are used in an application, it is always worth considering whether ULTRACAPS could provide a more reliable and more cost-effective solution in the long-term. ULTRACAPS are not always the most practical solution and in some cases they cannot be used at all. There are some applications, however, where using a capacitor is useful and more efficient. ULTRACAPS are always an advisable solution if charge cycles are frequent, if large currents need to be stored or made available quickly or if harsh conditions or low temperatures can be expected.

Ultracaps as an uninterruptible power supply

Ultracaps are innovative

Thanks to the incredible capacitance of single cells, reaching up to 3000F, modules can be created that are so large that they enable trams to travel great distances without overhead lines, with the energy generated by the braking process being stored (recuperation).

High-performance cells of up to 3000F with very low internal resistance are used for energy recovery in applications such as buses and commercial vehicles, significantly helping to save fuel, lower costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Small ultracaps cells as memory backup

Small cylindrical cells have also proven their versatility. These capacitors are, for example, fitted in battery-free flashlights, remote controls, measuring equipment and much more. They are charged via induction or other suitable means. The ultracaps have proven themselves many times over as memory back-up in embedded applications. Ultracaps can be used to prolong the service life of batteries. The potential range of applications is virtually unlimited.