Ultracapacitors in the industry

Ultracaps in the Industry

From trams down to the cold strore

Ultracaps in forklifts: Still RX_70-30 Hybrid
Still RX_70-30 Hybrid

The field of application of ultracapacitors in industrial areas ranging from robots, harbor cranes, hybrid trucks, automatic guided vehicles, UPS systems and several controllers.

Grid stabilization and energy conservation

In robots and harbor cranes for example, ultracapacitors are used to minimize the voltage drop during acceleration phases and the energy gain during braking again and local caching. This contributes significantly to the network stabilization, energy cost saving and environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions.

Battery replacement with higher lifetime

In automated guide vehicles and many control units UltraCaps are used for replacement of conventional batteries or rechargeable batteries. In this case the high lifetime and frequent charge / discharge possibility as well as the 24-hour availability plays a crucial role by duck fast charging capability. Even in harsh environments, such as low temperatures in cold stores, favor the use of ultracapacitors.

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