Supercaps in
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Ultracap modules in the transport sector

Voltage stabilization & recuperation

In the automotive sector ultracapacitors are used in power supply stabilization to avoid voltage fluctuations when switching heavy loads. In hybrid or electric vehicles, the energy generated during braking is stored and made ​​available again when accelerating. This leads to fuel savings, cost savings and CO2 savings.

Even trains with this technique inside the rekuperation is used. but also driving without catenary of trams is possible, as an example in Seville (Spain) shows.

The technique of recuperation is also already used in heavy machinery, for example, to ensure the rapid movement of large loads to ensure in excavators.

Also in aircraft UltraCaps increasingly uses as battery replacement. The main reason is the large range of temperature from -40 oC to +70 oC, the relative insensitivity to acceleration and shock load, the lifetime and last but not least the low fire danger.

Students of the Technical University of Ingolstadt

Shell-Eco-Marathon By TH Ingolstadt

In 2014 the student team "eta-nol e.V." from the Technical University of Ingolstadt took part for the first time at the Shell Eco-Marathon. The vehicle "Incredible 01" uses within its hybrid powertrain Ultracap capacitors for storing electrical energy.

The finished storage consists of 20 cells ultracap the company NESSCAP with an individual capacity of 325 F, so a total capacity of 16.25 F. This corresponds to an energy content of about 6.6 Wh at the maximum total voltage of 54 V (2, 7 V per cell). The total weight of the memory is about 4 kg. The aim of hybridization is to increase the efficiency of the entire drive.

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