Lot Number, Date Code

Ultracaps with subtle differences

  • Lot number
  • Date code

ULTRACAPS only become capacitors at the end of the manufacturing process, in a process referred to as aging. This is a somewhat unfortunate choice of words, as no actual aging takes place. It is rather the birth of the ULTRACAP. 

“Forming” would be a more appropriate description, as voltage is applied to develop the Helmholtz layers and form the double layers of the capacitor.

This process also involves all the cells being measured, and thus tested at a rate of 100%. The capacitors are marked with lot numbers. 

Each ultracap is marked with a lot number which contains the following information in encoded form:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Month of manufacture
  • Day of manufacture
  • Component
  • Serial number

The lot numbers consist of an encrypted date code and the production batch to provide the traceability required by TS16949.