Ceramic capacitors

made by FENGHUA | Topworld


MLCC & Ceramic disk capacitors

  • High Voltage
  • Low ESR
  • Safety certified
  • Small designs

Ceramic capacitors differ considerably in their design and the dielectric contained. Their applications place different demands on dielectric strength, losses, temperature stability, size, u.v.m. CAPCOMP offers a wide range of products and the optimum capacitor for a wide variety of applications. The design of the ceramic multilayer chip capacitors (English Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor, MLCC) takes the largest share. MLCCs are characterized by low temperature dependence and have a low loss factor.

Typical Applications:

  • Cache of modern digital circuits
  • Automotive elctronics
  • HF-Oscillating circuit
  • Booster
  • a.m.m.
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MLCCs with short delivery times

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