Ceramic capacitors

made by TECATE

Tecate ceramic capacitors

Ceramic capacitors - standard type

Electrical capacitors with a ceramic dielectric are basically divided into 2 application classes. Among the ceramic disc capacitors listed here, a distinction is made among other things according to this classification:

  • Class 1 ceramic capacitors
    with high stability requirements
  • Class 2 ceramic capacitors
    with high volume efficiency

TECATE's standard ceramic capacitors range from:

  • 0.1pF to 220μF
  • 4V to 6,000VDC


  • High Voltage
  • Low ESR
  • Safety certified
  • Small designs
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CC Data sheets

Types & Specifications

SeriesCapacityVoltageTemperature range
Surface Mount
CMC0.1pF to 100µF4 to 200C0G, X7R, X5R, Y5VMultilayer Chip
CMC(HV)0.5pF to 1µF250 to 5000C0G, X7RHigh Voltage Multilayer Chip
CMCF2pF to 0.68µF250 to 6000C0G, X7RFlexible Termination
CMCS0.2pF to 1000pF50 to 200C0GRf/Microwave
CMS10pF to 2700pF500 to 2000-55 to +125Low loss snubber ceramic multilayer chip capacitors
CMT0.01µF to 1µF200 to 500X7RHigh Voltage Multilayer For Tip & Ring
CMX2pF to 4700pF3K to 6K(DC)/250(AC)C0G, X7RX2/ Y3 & X1/Y2 Safety Certified
CSM0.047µF to 27.2µF25 to 500-55 to +125Stacked Mutilayer Chip
CMR0.1pF to 4.7µF50 to 200C0G, X7R, Z5UMultilayer Radial
CD100pF to 0.1µF50 to 1000Y5F, Y5P, Z5U, Z5VClass2
CMA10pF to 1µF50 to 200C0G, X7R, Z5UMultilayer Axial