Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic Dielectric Capacitors

Ceramic capacitors (MLCC) consist of wafer-thin oxide ceramic layers that serve as a dielectric. Thanks to the oxide ceramic this type of capacitor has a high dielectric strength and is therefore suitable for high voltages. Known designs are:

  • Disc capacitors
  • Tube condensers
  • Pearl capcitors
  • Through Capacitors

Color dots indicate the type of ceramic and the connection side of the inner lining. Ceramic capacitors are further divided according to the size of the dielectric constant:

  • Type-1 Low Dielectric Constant (NDK Capacitor)
  • Type-2 High Dielectric Constant (HDK Capacitor)
  • Precise Capacity
  • Multiple Application 
  • Arc Protection
  • High Voltages
  • 0,1pF to 220μF
  • 4V to 6000 VDC
Keramikkondensatoren von Tecate


  • SMD
  • Radial
  • Axial
  • Disk/Scheiben
  • MLCC 

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MLCCs von Fenghua / Topworld


  • MLCC Ceramic-Multilayer
  • Ceramic Capacitors


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Fenghua / Topworld


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