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Tecate new 3,8 Volt Hybrid Supercap

Product Release - 3.8V Hybrid Capacitor

Nov 2020 - We are excited to announce the release of our new TPLC 3.8V Hybrid Capacitors series. The TPLC series incorporates the key benefits of batteries (increased voltage and energy density) while maintaining the traditional characteristics of ultracapacitors (rapid charge/discharge, environmental friendliness, long life, and safety).

It features a mechanically robust cylindrical footprint with a compact profile, increased maximum rated voltage of 3.8V – 1.5X higher than conventional 2.7V ultracapacitors and an energy density 4X to 10X higher than current comparably sized ultracapacitor-based technology. The TPLC hybrid series is the most extensive product portfolio in the market, with 18 capacitance values ranging from 10F to 450F, multiple industry standard case sizes, and custom cell sizes available upon request.

We appreciate your ongoing support of our complete product offering and look forward to supporting your efforts in promoting this new product. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our sales team as responsible TECATE representative.

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SAMWHA BATTERYCAPS bis zu 70.000 Farad

Die Evolution der Energiespeicher erreicht neue Höhen

Okt 2020 - Der koreanische Hersteller SAMWHA legt mit den neuen ESD-SCAP die Messlatte hoch im Bereich der Kondensator-Energiespeicher. Erstmals sind die als BATTERYCAPs bezeichneten Hybridkondensatoren mit einer Kapazität von 70.000 Farad erhältlich. .. vollständige Pressemeldung

About Capcomp

The competitive advantage of Capcomp GmbH as a wholesale company for electrical components is based on decades of product experience and the ability to adapt quickly to new market situations. The market for electrical components has become extremely agile over the last 15 years. It is not easy to keep the overview. So is the right feeling for reliable suppliers.

The managing director and electronics expert Rainer Hake has already successfully demonstrated this intuition many times. With his powerful team and his own warehouse, he was one of the first to successfully build up the market for ultracaps for a wide range of applications (energy, transport, automotive, etc.) in German-speaking countries and continues to help shape it today.

This experience and close cooperation with selected electronics manufacturers make Capcomp efficient and successful as a consultant and supplier of electronic solutions.

We understand the applications of our customers and know the appropriate specification of the components. Our task is to find or develop the components that represent an optimal solution, both technically and economically.

We maintain very close relationships with our partners and often act as an interface between the customer and the Asian or American development departments when new developments are being made. Together with German system partners, we develop and manufacture customised special solutions. Many articles can now also be ordered in the Capcomp webshop.

This is a service that development departments with smaller order quantities in particular appreciate very much.

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