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Deki Electronics - Film capacitors

DEKI - India's largest manufacturer of film capacitors

It all started as a collaboration with the Japanese Okaya Electric Industries, DEKI has existed since 1984 as a specialist for film capacitors. The approximately 600 employees strong manufacturer still designated itself bonsai, although he is now one of the largest in India with a constant sales growth of 25% annually. The global growth strategy also includes representation in the DACH region by Capcomp GmbH from 2018.

DEKI facts

  • Certifications: ERTL / ENEC / UL for X2 range / CACT & CDOT IATF 16949:2016
    ISO 9001-2015 / ISO 14001: 2015 / ISO 18001: 2007 
  • Error rates for capacitors in the single-digit ppm range,
    zero-error tolerances for automotive products
  • Market segments: ca. 55% lighting industry, ca. 38% general industrial applications,
    ca. 4% automotive, ca. 3% CE, telecommunications
  • DEKI is viewed as an independent research center by the Government of India
    considered for the advancement of capacitor technology. Accordingly,
    here are the most capable junior staff
[Translate to EN:] DEKI Indiens größter Hersteller für Folienkondensatoren
[Translate to EN:] DEKI Qualitätsführer für Folienkondensatoren aus Indien
Deki Folienkondensatoren

Film Capacitors

  • Polypropylene capacitors
    inductive / non-inductive
  • AC & Puls metallized polypropylene capacitors
    different series; DC/AC applications
  • Inductive self-healing polypropylene capacitors DPSH
  • Suppression Capacitors
  • CDI Capacitors
  • Metallized polyester- / polypropylene capacitors - different types
  • Metallized polypropylene DC link capacitors

DEKI Datasheets

DEKI Film capacitors

Film Capacitors

  • Polyester capacitors inductive / non-inductive for different applications (lamps)
  • Inductive self-healing polyester capacitors
    DTSH capacitors
  • Metallized polyester capacitors (Subminiature, different distances)
  • Metallized polyester / polypropylene film capacitor

DEKI Datasheets

DEKI Film capacitors

Mixed Dielectric
Film Capacitors

Polypropylene + Polyester (PEP) Film Capacitors (inductive)

DEKI Datasheets