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eCap - polarized capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors, also known as electrolytic capacitors, are polarized electrochemical capacitors that achieve very high voltage values. In contrast to ultracaps, however, their capacity is many times lower. The core of an electrolytic capacitor is the anode metal, whose roughened surface is much smoother than that of a smooth surface, thus ensuring the relatively high specific capacitance. The high voltage capability of the oxidation layer and the resulting extremely thin dielectric also contribute to this.

Most frequent use of eCaps in lighting technology and automotive.

AiSHi Large Can - Snap-In

  • Type Universal
  • Type High Reliability

AiSHi Large Can

AiSHi Polymer Types

  • Radial Type
  • SMD Type


AiSHi Polymer Types

Radial Types

  • Standard Type
  • Type Low Profile
  • LED-Type High Reliability
  • Type Input-Output-Circuit
  • Special Purpose

AiSHi Radial Types

Screw-mount Terminal Type

  • Type Standard
  • Type Inverter

Screw-mount Terminal

The right configuration is important

Even if the technology itself is not new and has proven itself over decades, a high-quality configuration perfectly adapted to the application is absolutely essential. If the electrolytic capacitors are incorrectly selected, they can dry out quickly and thus lose their capacity. We would be pleased to advise you on the selection and correct dimensioning of your electrolytic capacitors.

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