Ecaps from AiSHi

Ecaps radial, miniature design

Capacitors for LEDs, switching power supplies, chargers and other applications

  • Wide range of applications
  • Various designs
    - radial
    - large can
    - screw mount
    - miniature
    - SMD surface mount
  • RoHS copmpliant

AiSHi electrolytic capacitors can be found worldwide in a wide range of applications, in all industries. The best known examples are on-board power supplies, LED supply, chargers and on printed circuit boards. The capacitors are offered in miniature and large type configuration, as well as SMD, hybrid and solid polymer types.

Conductive polymer hybrid electrolytic capacitors

With the hybrid electrolyte technology, high reliability and, compared to the pure polymer technology, relatively higher voltage ranges are achieved with a low internal resistance. They also have a very good service life and become highly resistive in the event of a fault.

SMD surface mount electrolytic capacitors

SMT or SMD mountable variants are characterized by high capacity with low ESR and ESL. With good ripple current resistance the SMD mount electrolytic capacitors are ideal for switch mode power supplies and chargers. The consistent properties over a high temperature range are another characteristic of this capacitor type.

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