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ECE (EMEI Components Limited), part of the EMEI Group, has been developing since 1996 into a highly qualified manufacturer of transformers, transmitter, coils and inductors for industrial applications. The EMEI Group with its subsidiaries has established itself as a reliable and powerful manufacturer in the agile Chinese market.

  • Transformers
  • Transmitter
  • Coil
  • Inductors

Due to our close connection to EMEI customer-specific solutions can be offered at short notice and flexibly, especially for the German market.

In 2005, production capacity was expanded to 20 hectares in mainland Dongguang. Own engineering and a sophisticated quality assurance for continuous development of new products and high quality standard according to ISO 9001.


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EMEI / ECL Portfolio

Switching transformers, ADSL transmitters, line chokes, SMD power inductors, laminated transformers, audio transformers, current-sense transformers, magnetic components

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Switching Transformers

  • low losses, high efficiency
  • small design
  • large voltage range
  • high frequencies (50 ~ 200 KHz)
  • 1 to 500 W output power
  • Use: Chargers for mobile phones


[Translate to EN:] EMEI Wechselrichter

High-voltage Transformer

  • customizable and non-customizable types
  • various CCFL specifications from DIM2.6x50mm to DIM4.1x600mm
  • Output: 1.5 W  bis 3.5 W
  • Use: emergency lighting, toys, air conditioning, LCD lights


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ADSL Transmitter

  • excellent anti-interference properties
  • low (magnetic) losses
  • Circuit with high-impedance resistance
  • Use: Modem, ADSL / HDSL converter, splitter, filter, ...


[Translate to EN:] T-Core & Netzdrosseln

Mains Chokes

  • Currents up to 15 A
  • easy mounting on PC board
  • high security requirements
  • high reliability



SMD power iInductors made by EMEI

SMD Power Inductors

  • small design
  • for surface mounting and automatic pick & place
  • large frequency range
  • Use: Notbook, DC / DC converter, mobile communication devices


[Translate to EN:] kaschierte Transformatoren - EMEI

Laminated Transformers

  • Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz 
  • high stability
  • high efficiency and safety
  • Input voltage: 120V/60Hz and 230V/5Hz
  • Output voltage: 1.4 V to 40 V


[Translate to EN:] EMEI Audio Transformatoren

Audio Transformer

  • excellent suppression qualities
  • high-resistance components
  • low (magnetic) losses
  • Use in modems, splitters, PC cards, ...


[Translate to EN:] Stromsensoren / Transformatoren

Current Sensors Transformers

  • small, completely enclosed design
  • high precision
  • excellent linear performance
  • developed for SMPS applications


[Translate to EN:] Kundenspezifische magnetische Bauelemente


Magnetic Components

  • customized specifications
  • UL standards