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Chip Capacitors

Founded in 1992, Hong Kong-based Fenghua Holding has made a name for itself as an innovative player in the discrete-component market through constant investment in the development of multi-layer chip capacitors, ceramic capacitors, inductors and NTCs.

MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor) and chip resistors account for more than half of the production volume.


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Topworld Portfolio

Inductive Components, Multilayer Chip Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Varistors VDR, Thermistors

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Zinc oxide Varistors

  • Zinc oxide Varistors
  • Multilayer Chip-Varistor


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Tantalum Capacitor

  • CA42 - immersed tantalum capacitors
  • CA45 - Tantalum capacitor with solid electrolyte



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Weitere Informationen

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Multilayer Chip Capacitors

  • NPO (COG)
  • Mono (Axial Leads)
  • Temperature compensating MLCCs
  • X7R
  • Y5V
  • Capacitor Network 


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NTC Thermistors

  • IT series (electric thermometer)
  • CT series (chip type)
  • DTM Series (Temp.range Medical)
  • FT Series (Film Thermistor)
  • LT Series (epoxy coating)
  • OT Series (Office Automation)
  • TS Series (NTC Temp-Sensor)
  • GT Series (Glass Sealed)
  • BT Series (insulated cables)
  • DT Series (The Bare Chip NTC)
  • DTV Series (Temp.mess. Automotive)
  • AT Series (epoxy coating, cable)
  • MT Series (Temp.range Medical)
  • PT Series (Power Typ)
  • VT Series (Temp.range Automotive)


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Disc Ceramic Capacitors

  • CC1 - Type "Temperature Compensation"
  • CT1 - Type "High-k-Dielectric"
  • CC81 - Type "high frequency"
  • CS1 - Type "Semiconductor Dielectric"
  • CT81 - Type "high frequency"
  • CT7 - Type "AC Discs Ceramic Capacitors"


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Chip Inductors

  • VHF - Type "high frequency"
  • CMI - Type "ferrite"
  • CMP - Type "High current ferrite"
  • CBG - Type "ferrite beads"
  • CBM - Type "Ultra high current ferrite beads"
  • CBH - Type "Low frequency ferrite beads"
  • CBY - Type "High-resistance ferrite beads"
  • FHW - Type "wirewound ceramic inductor"
  • FHW - Type "wirewound ferrite inductor"


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Chip Resistors

  • Thin-film chip resistance
  • Thick film chip resistance
  • Resistor Networks