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Founded in 1992, Hong Kong-based Fenghua Holding has made a name for itself as an innovative player in the discrete-component market through constant investment in the development of multi-layer chip capacitors, ceramic capacitors, inductors and NTCs.

MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor) and chip resistors account for more than half of the production volume.

Topworld Portfolio

Inductive Components, Multilayer Chip Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Varistors VDR, Thermistors

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Multilayer Chip Capacitors

  • NPO (COG)
  • Mono (Axial Leads)
  • Temperature compensating MLCCs
  • X7R
  • Y5V
  • Capacitor Network 


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NTC Thermistors

  • IT series (electric thermometer)
  • CT series (chip type)
  • DTM Series (Temp.range Medical)
  • FT Series (Film Thermistor)
  • LT Series (epoxy coating)
  • OT Series (Office Automation)
  • TS Series (NTC Temp-Sensor)
  • GT Series (Glass Sealed)
  • BT Series (insulated cables)
  • DT Series (The Bare Chip NTC)
  • DTV Series (Temp.mess. Automotive)
  • AT Series (epoxy coating, cable)
  • MT Series (Temp.range Medical)
  • PT Series (Power Typ)
  • VT Series (Temp.range Automotive)


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Disc Ceramic Capacitors

  • CC1 - Type "Temperature Compensation"
  • CT1 - Type "High-k-Dielectric"
  • CC81 - Type "high frequency"
  • CS1 - Type "Semiconductor Dielectric"
  • CT81 - Type "high frequency"
  • CT7 - Type "AC Discs Ceramic Capacitors"


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Chip Inductors

  • VHF - Type "high frequency"
  • CMI - Type "ferrite"
  • CMP - Type "High current ferrite"
  • CBG - Type "ferrite beads"
  • CBM - Type "Ultra high current ferrite beads"
  • CBH - Type "Low frequency ferrite beads"
  • CBY - Type "High-resistance ferrite beads"
  • FHW - Type "wirewound ceramic inductor"
  • FHW - Type "wirewound ferrite inductor"


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Tantalum Capacitor

  • CA42 - immersed tantalum capacitors
  • CA45 - Tantalum capacitor with solid electrolyte



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Chip Resistors

  • Thin-film chip resistance
  • Thick film chip resistance
  • Resistor Networks


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Zinc oxide Varistors

  • Zinc oxide Varistors
  • Multilayer Chip-Varistor