Polymer Film Capacitors

Plastic film capacitors

Often, a distinction is made in this type of capacitor between film capacitors and metal foil capacitors. The following description gives a brief information about their technical features.

Film Capacitors

Film capacitors usually consist of two aluminum foil electrodes with plastic films as a dielectric. In order to ensure the necessary safety and reliability of a capacitor, it is necessary to use a sufficient layer thickness. Typical advantages that have relatively large film capacitors over smaller metallized capacitors are

  • their higher insulation resistance,
  • their better capacity stability and
  • their good ampacity.
  • High voltage and good impulse handling capability are additional features of these capacitors.
  • Contact connections are made by welding.


Metallized film capacitors

In contrast to film capacitors which use aluminum foils as electrodes, the electrodes of metal film capacitors consist of a thin metal layer (about 0.03 micron thick) which is vacuum deposited on the dielectric film. The connection of metallized capacitors takes place by means of a metal spraying process and by welding the leads to the sprayed ends. The main advantages of metallized capacitors are

  • relatively small dimensions, a result of vacuum deposited electrodes, and
  • self-healing property. Due to the self-healing property, relatively thin films for metallized capacitors can be used as film / foil capacitors.

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    Film Capacitors

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