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IKP Electronics was founded in 1992 in Heifei, China, and specializes in the manufacture of line chokes, toroidal chokes, filters, transformers, SMD inductors and coils for wireless power transmission. IKP products are certified according to ISO9001:2015, UL E495735, CE, ROHS and REACH. The products are used in safety technology, the automotive industry and consumer electronics.

The products are used in security technology, the automotive industry or in the consumer electronics sector. After its success in the Chinese and US markets, IKP is now expanding its presence in Europe. Capcomp is IKP partner for Germany and neighbouring countries.

IKP Electronics

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    IKP Portfolio 

    Choke coils, transformers, inductors

    High Frequency Transformers

    Line Filters

    Torodial Type Inductors

    • Differential Mode Inductors
    • Common Mode Inductors
    • Common Mode Inductors for 3-Phase