Flat wire technology in power electronics

Advantages of flat wire technology

In modern electrical appliances, power electronics assemblies and communications technology elements are often very close together for design reasons. In automotive electronics, EMC problems resulting from this close proximity of data lines and power modules are well known. Consequently, problems with electromagnetic compatibility are best solved at the source, i.e. at the transformers.

Clean signals through flat wire technology

Switch mode power supplies use higher and higher frequencies to work with modern GAN FETs (Gallium nitride field effect transistors) efficient power supplies. The probability of interference signals increases. Malfunctions in digital data streams are the result. A well functioning solution is  flat wire technology, where the Chinese manufacturer IKP Electronics has a special significance.

Cross section round wire vs. flat wire
Comparison cross section round wire to flat wire

The flat wire can

  • disperse the electric field evenly,
  • minimize the parasitic capacity and thus
  • achieve the best EMI effect at the source.

Problems with electromagnetic compatibility are thus minimised.

Wound goods with flat wire have clear advantages over traditional lacquered round wire windings.

  • The flat wire can disperse the electric field evenly, minimising parasitic capacitance and thus achieving the best EMC effect at the source. The problem of electromagnetic compatibility is thus minimised.
  • The flat wire avoids the proximity effect, so that its cross-section can be used to 100%. (=no increase in ohmic resistance for alternating current).
  • Flat cables are ideal for high performance applications. In high performance coil constructions round enamelled wires have no advantage.
  • The flat wire saves space and is also advantageous for automated production.
  • The flat wire has excellent heat dissipation and is suitable for high power and high inductance density applications.

  • The flat wire winding achieves a very low DC resistance DCR, a closed magnetic circuit and extremely low total noise.
Proximity effect in flat wire coils
Reduction of the proximity effect in flat wire coils
Uniform distribution of the electric field in flat wire coils
Uniform distribution of the electric field in flat wire coils
Flat wire cable - Capcomp GmbH

The  European EMC Directive  defines electromagnetic compatibility as follows:

"the ability of an apparatus, installation or system to operate satisfactorily in the electromagnetic environment without causing electromagnetic disturbance itself which would be unacceptable to any apparatus, installation or system present in that environment.“

These undesirable effects must be counteracted by appropriate technical measures.