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Coils, transformers, chokes, inducers are mandatory in most electronic circuities . Almost every electronic device requires voltage transformers or filters to suppress glitches, i.e. to improve EMC behavior. 

In switching power supplies or DC / DC converters, coils are the most important component in addition to the switching elements. As a transformer in signal lines, or for galvanic isolation for safety reasons.

CapComp offers  a wide range of these important components. Our partners in Asia are among the most reputed and experienced manufacturers, offering high quality at competitive prices.


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Power inductors

Power Inductors

  • SMD Power Inductors
  • Chip-Inductors

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  • Laminated Transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • Audio Transformer
  • Inverter Transformers
  • Transformer for Switching Applications
  • Signal Transformers

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Converter - Capcomp GmbH


    • AC-DC Converter
    • DC-DC Converter

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    Transformer & Choke Coils

    Transformer & Choke Coils

    • Transformers
    • Chokes




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