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Voltage transformers for every application

The application possibilities for voltage transformers are enormous. From medical technology, with its above-average requirements for safety and stability, to use in industrial automation (PLC systems; DCS control systems).

AC-DC Converter -  TOPPOWER

AC-DC Converter

  • 3 - 10 W
  • 15 - 30 W


Data Sheets

TOPPOWER DC-DC Converter Bauelemente

DC-DC Converter

  • 0,1 bis 3 W
  • > 10 W
  • kleiner 5W  - kleiner 10 W
  • SMD bis 1 W

Data Sheets


  • DC-DC DC/DC converters: Higher efficiency and less heat generation than linear power supplies 
  • DC-AC converter / inverter: high energy density; smallest design; high stability and precision
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Data sheets

DC-DC: 1 - 3 W