Inductors - indispensable components

Flat wire technology
Flat wire technology

On our website we do not want to present a scientific treatise, but practical advice on the use of inductive components. For detailed information about the scientific connections we like to refer to really good explanations on WIKIPEDIA and other scientific papers on the net.

Ultimately, the physical laws of electrical engineering, such as Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's rules and the laws surrounding inductance, draw the limits of technical possibilities. We are non-negotiably bound by these laws when developing electrical engineering devices and systems. Performance descriptions in marketing language are out of place here. This is also true for innovations such as power transistors made of gallium nitride (GAN FET).

Chokes - Transformers - Transformers

These components are one of the three pillars of passive components. They are widely used in electronics in telecommunication systems as filters of interference signals or for data transmission. Due to the development of switched-mode power supplies in the last decades, they have also gained increasing importance in all power classes of power supplies. Very fast switching elements of semiconductor technology like GAN-FET accelerate the development of such components.

  • Common mode chokes or common mode choke
  • Push-pull chokes or differential mode choke
  • High frequency transformers
  • Flyback Transformers

These are the inductors that you can also find on our website and in the Capcomp webshop.  The flat wire technology of the company IKP takes a special place here.

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