Itelcond Capacitors 

for high volt applications

Itelcond Capacitors

Itelcond - quality from Italy

ITELCOND is a traditional Italian company that has been producing large-capacity aluminium electrolytic capacitors since 1976 for applications that have to meet higher quality requirements. The product range extends from large screw capacitors to small capacitors for printed circuit boards.

Itelcond customers come from a wide range of industries: electrical appliance manufacturers, power equipment manufacturers (solar - wind), UPS power supplies, inverters, motor controls and electro-medical equipment. Capcomp GmbH has been carrying Itelcond products since the beginning of 2021 and is entrusted with product consulting and sales of the capacitors for the DACH region.


Itelcons - capacitors made in Italy

ITELCOND Portfolio

Screw terminal and snap in capacitors