Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors

made by SAMWHA

SAMWHA MLCC ceramic capacitors

MLCC Capacitors made by SAMWHA


The SAMWHA series of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLC chip capacitors) were developed for a wide range of applications. A distinction is made between the following types:

  • class I with temperature compensation
  • class II - standard

The class I MLCCs are C0G capacitors. Their performance is hardly influenced by temperature, voltage and frequency. The most commonly used class II dielectrics are X7R, XSR and YSV types.

MLCC applications

SAMWHA MLCCs are installed in a wide variety of equipment throughout the commercial and industrial markets for electronics and communication devices, as well as in medical, military and aerospace applications.

  • Smartphones, cordless phones
  • DVD/CD players
  • FDD/HDD hard disks
  • Printer, copier
  • Slot machines
  • Digital cameras,
  • TV and audio equipment

and many more.

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