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Naina Semiconductor Ltd. (NSL) is one of the leading manufacturers of power semiconductors in India. The agile company started in 1988 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh with plastic devices such as standard recovery & fast recovery diodes in packages of DO-41, DO-27 & R-6 for various applications, especially in the field of telecom, the company has grown to new heights. Since then, the company has continuously developed into a powerful supplier of other electrical components such as power diodes, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), Schottky diodes (hot-carrier diode), Z diodes (Zener diodes), self-rectifiers, solar diodes, triacs, power modules, fast recovery power converters, bridge rectifiers, rectifier stacks and other custom products.

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  • Discrete semiconductors
  • Power modules
  • Schottky diodes
  • Standard recovery diodes
  • Z-Diodes

The wide distribution of NSL products in markets such as the USA, UK, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia, reflects the success and confidence in the high quality of the award winning products. NSL can hold its own against its competitors from China and Korea. The large product range, which still includes the business segment for electronic measuring instruments and laboratory equipment, is evidence of a high degree of innovation and flexibility.

NSL's production capacities and reliable compliance with QM/QS standards demonstrate the security that customers and distributors need in terms of consistently high quality and delivery capability. We look forward to working with NAINA Semiconductor as a European distributor.

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NAINA Portfolio

Standard- & Fast Recovery Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Z-Diodes, Power modules

NAINA - Standard Recovery-Diode |

Standard Recovery Diodes

  • 35  - 60 A
  • Glass passivated die
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge capability
  • Low leakage current
  • Normal and reverse polarity
  • Metric and UNF threads available

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NAINA Super Fast Recovery Diode

Fast Recovery Diodes (FRD)

  • Fast and Super Fast Recovery Diodes
  • 25 - 400 A
  • Glass passivated die
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge capability
  • Low leakage current
  • Normal and reverse polarity
  • Metric and UNF threads available
  • Twin Tower Packages (from 100 A)


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NAINA Schottky Dioden |


  • 15 - 600 A
  • Schottky Rectifier Diodes
  • Schottky Power Diodes
  • Twin Power Packages (ab 120 A)
  • Guard Ring Protection (ab 120 A)
  • Fast Switching
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge capability
  • High efficiency, low power loss
  • Normal and reverse polarity

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  • 10 - 50W
  • 20 - 75W Zener Diodes
  • Power Surge Compressor 300W
  • Glass passivated junction
  • Good clamping ability
  • Available in normal and reverse polarity
  • Metric and UNF thread type

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Power Modules

  • Diode-Diode Module
  • Thyristor-Diode Module
  • Thyristor-Thyristor-Module
  • 3 Phase Thyristor-Module
  • 3 Phase Diode-Module
  • Bridge Rectifier
  • 3 Phase Bridge Rectifier
  • Single Phase Bridge Rectifier
  • Single Phase Bridge Rectifier (half-/full controlled)
  • 3 Phase  Bridge Rectifier Modules
  • 3 Phase  Bridge Rectifier Modules(half-/full controlled)
  • Twin Tower Packages

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