• NESSCAP offered and technically supported by Capcomp since 2005
  • NESSCAP was acquired by Maxwell Technologies in 2017

CAPCOMP continues to support its NESSCAP customers and offers expert product advice and fast supply of available NESSCAP cells. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the company policy changes at Nesscap. We are happy to assist you in the search for your technical solutions with ULTRACAP with identical or extended technical features.


When looking for NESSCAP alternatives, we recommend ...



  • Supercaps 650F to 5000F
    2.7 V - laser welding contacts
  • Supercaps 650F to 5000F
    3 V - laser welding contacts
  • Supercaps 650F to 5000F
    2.7V - threaded contacts
  • Supercaps 350F to 800F
    2,7V - solder pin
  • Supercaps 360F to 600F
    2.7V - M5 internal thread
  • Supercaps 1F to 60F
    2.7V wire connections
  • Supercaps - 450F and 700F
    2,7V - contacts battery form

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Ultracap modules made by SPSCAP

Supercap Modules

The production of large cells (60mm cells) and modules was completely discontinued after the acquisition of Maxwell.

Alternatively, we recommend modules from the Chinese market leader SPSCAP



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