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Capacitors - Designs & Types

As energy storage devices, capacitors are indispensable components in electrical engineering. They are used, for example, when voltages need to be filtered or buffered or when load peaks need to be absorbed. Which technology is used depends on the respective application.

We will be happy to advise you on which solution is the best for your application. You can choose from a wide range of different capacitor types: electrolytic capacitors, Kerkos, tantalum capacitors, film capacitors and the powerful ultracaps. When choosing your capacitor solution, you can rely on reputable international manufacturers who ensure high quality and long component life.

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Ultracaps / Supercaps / EDLC

Electric double-layer capacitors EDLC are also colloquially referred to as supercapacitors, supercaps or ultracaps. Designations like Boostcap, Goldcap, Pseudocap, etc. represent brand names.

EDLCs are manufactured in various sizes and designs. Designations such as "small - medium - large" are individual manufacturer specifications. Over the years, however, the following categorisation has become established:

  • up to 100 F are small cells (3-25mm diameter)
  • from 100 F to 500/600 F we speak of medium cells (30-37mm diameter)
  • 600F and above are large cells

In addition, it is also possible to configure ultracaps as modules.


Products & Datasheets

SPSCAP Ultracap
TECATE Ultracap cells

Electrolytic Capacitors


Electrolytic capacitors, colloquially eCap, are available in all common designs:

  • Large can, snap-in, screw-mount
  • Radial and polymer types
  • Miniature & Large cap types
  • SMT, Hybrid, Alu electrolytic cap types
  • Non polarize, non impedance types
  • Manufacturers: AiSHi | SAMWHA

Product info & Datasheets

ESD Energy Storage Caps

SAMWHA ESD Energy Storage Capacitors - Capcomp GmbH

ESD-SCAPs are promising energy storage devices, which are placed between conventional EDLCs and Li-ion batteries. These hybrid and battery capacitors stand out:

  • High energy densities in the upper power segment
  • Suitability for a wide range of applications
  • Manufacturer: SAMWHA

Product information & datasheets

Film capacitors

DEKI Folienkondensator

Film capacitors are available in all common designs:

  • SMD : surface mount
  • axial : horizontal mount
  • radial design with solder connection : vertical mounting
  • Dielectric depending on application: polypropylene, polyester, blend
  • Manufacturer: Tecate , DEKI

Product info & datasheets

Ceramic Capacitors

MLCC Mehrschichtkondensator

Ceramic capacitors are available in the following designs

  • SMD, radial and axial,
  • as a disk/disk capacitor and
  • as multilayer capacitor (MLCC).


Product info & datasheets

Tantalum Capacitors

We offer tantalum capacitors in the following designs

  • Radial and SMD
  • 0,1µF to 1.500 µF
  • 2,5V to 50V DC
  • Manufacturer: Tecate

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