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Ultracap cells

  • small, medium, large cells
  • Standard Configurations

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Ultracap Module

Ultracap Modules

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Synonyms for the Term ULTRACACITOR:

  •  Correct terminology: EDLC  Electric Double Layer Capacitor
  • Colloquially: Supercapacitor, Supercap, Ultracap
Cell size and capacity in Farad:

The subdivision of the capacities into "small - medium - large" depends on the manufacturer.
Over the years, however, a categorization has become more or less as follows:
up to 100 F are small cells (3-25mm diameter), above about 500F are medium size cells (30-37mm diameter)
from about 500Ft o 650 F and above (up to 5000F) one speaks of large cells. (60mm diameter) 



[Translate to EN:] AiSHi Elkos Leitfähiges Polymer - Typ Radial, Typ SMD

Conductive Polymer

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[Translate to EN:] Screw-mount Terminal Type

Aluminium Elektrolyte

Screw-mount Terminal

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[Translate to EN:] AiSHi - Large Can - Snap-in - Type

Aluminium Elektrolyte Capacitors

Large Can /Snap-in

    [Translate to EN:] AiSHi Miniatur Elkos, Radial

    Aluminium Elektrolyte

    Radial Types

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    Tantal Capacitors

    are electrolytic capacitors whose anode (+) consists of tantalum. Compared with ceramic film capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, they achieve a higher specific capacity. However, they are not enough for the much larger Ultracaps.

    Tantalum electrolytic capacitors have a very low ESR (parasitic resistance) and longer life because the solid electrolyte can not dry out. Tantal Caps are less suitable for high pulse currents.

    Tantal Caps

    •  SMD Types
    •  Radial Types

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    owe his name because of the structure. Two pieces of plastic film covered with metalic electrodes arrange the high capacities. Low internal resistance (ESR), low inductance (ESL) as well as high current rating and ability for self-healing constitute this capacitor. 

    Typical applications: Automotive electronics, oscillating circuit, frequency separating filter, a.m.m.sind Kunststoff-Folienkondensatoren (FOLKO), die als elektrische Konden­satoren mit isolier­enden Kunststoff­folien (Polypropylen, Polyester, gemischt) als Dielektrikum ausgestattet sind.


    • SMD-Types for Surface Mounted Technologies
    • Axiale Type, Film caps for horizontal THT 
    • Radiale Types, Film-caps  with soldering kind for vertical THT mounting
    [Translate to EN:] Filmkondensatoren - Hersteller TECATE


    • SMD
    • Radial Dipped, Radial Box
    • Axial, Axial Rund, Axial Oval

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    Film capacitors - made by DEKI


      • Polyepropylenfoils
      • Polyesterfoils
      • Mixed Types

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      Ceramic capacitors 

      Ceramic capacitors consist of thin oxide ceramic layers. Due to high dielectric strength, high voltages can be applied. They are suitable for cutting voltage peaks and are used in digital circuits and as a buffer. In addition to the classification according to the designs SMD and Radial, the Ceramic Caps are also grouped as follows:


      Class 1 (NDK type): Low dielectric constant; low self-discharge (small losses); high insulation resistance RIS; low specific capacity with low loss factor; lower temperature dependence; production with precise capacity. Frequent use in high frequency resonant circuits and filters.


      Class 2 type (HDK type): High dielectric constant, high self-discharge (larger losses), high capacity per volume (over time capacity losses). Production of very small capacitors with high capacity possible. Use to block glitches or frequencies in power supplies.



      • SMD
      • Radial
      • Axial
      • Disk
      • MLCC