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The first thought in semiconductors is often computer chips such as RAM or microprocessors. However, electrical engineering is more diverse and power electronics in particular is playing an increasingly important role. As a distributor, CapComp now has NAINA Semiconductor in its portfolio, a very efficient and experienced manufacturer who can offer a very competitive range of power electronics components. These complement our product range of passive components for power and energy management.

Semiconductors are of great importance for electrical engineering. Their conductivity can depend on the direction of current flow, a threshold value (threshold voltage) or a control signal. Diodes or bridge rectifiers are used to rectify AC voltages of lower power. Schottky diodes are often used for particularly fast, i.e. high-frequency switching operations. Z-diodes, formerly Zener diodes, are particularly suitable for limiting to defined limit values.  If power control (e.g. speed of motors or lamp dimmers) is required, controllable elements such as the thyristor, IGBT or MOSFET are used.

These products optimally complement our range of passive components ULTRACAP, electrolytic capacitors, inductors and voltage converters, which is focused on power and energy management.

NAINA diodes | Sales & service Europe: Capcomp GmbH
NAINA diodes | Sales & service Europe: Capcomp GmbH
NAINA diodes | Sales & service Europe: Capcomp GmbH
NAINA - Standard Recovery-Diode |

Standard Recovery Diodes

  • 35  - 60 A
  • Glass passivated die
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge capability
  • Low leakage current
  • Normal and reverse polarity
  • Metric and UNF threads available

Standard recovery diodes are divided into rectifier diodes and fast diodes. They are optimized for low conduction losses and can handle very high currents. Rectifier diodes are divided into normal recovery diodes and avalanche diodes and are generally used for AC-DC conversion.

Fast Recovery Dioden (FRD)

  • Fast and Super Fast Recovery Diodes
  • 25 - 400 A
  • Glass passivated die
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge capability
  • Low leakage current
  • Normal and reverse polarity
  • Metric and UNF threads available
  • Twin Tower Packages (from 100 A)

A Fast Recovery Diode (FRD) is a diode with PN junction that can switch between on and off mode for an extremely short time. In these diodes, which include Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes and Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED), there is a correlation between the drop in forward voltage, reverse voltage and time. The various Fast Recovery Diodes differ in this correlation (di/dt).

Due to the faster switching between the forward and reverse voltage range, which is expressed in the on and off switching behaviour and is called the reverse recovery time, the reverse current and the power dissipation of the FRD diode are reduced. Fast recovery diodes are relatively robust PN diodes, which are used as power diodes in switching power supplies, for example. 

NAINA Schottky Dioden |

Schottky Diodes

  • 15 - 600 A
  • Schottky Rectifier Diodes
  • Schottky Power Diodes
  • Twin Power Packages (ab 120 A)
  • Guard Ring Protection (ab 120 A)
  • Fast Switching
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge capability
  • High efficiency, low power loss
  • Normal and reverse polarity

A Schottky diode (hot-carrier diode) is a special diode that does not have a p-n junction (semiconductor-semiconductor junction), but a (blocking) metal-semiconductor junction. The interface between metal and semiconductor is called Schottky contact or Schottky barrier (due to potential barrier).

The Schottky diode is a rectifier. The diode consists of a material mix. This is decisive for the formation of a depletion zone in the interface of the semiconductor. This type of diode is used in high and very high frequency technology.

NAINA Z-Dioden |


  • 10 - 50W
  • 20 - 75W Zener Diodes
  • Power Surge Compressor 300W
  • Glass passivated junction
  • Good clamping ability
  • Available in normal and reverse polarity
  • Metric and UNF thread type

    These diodes used to be named after the American physicist Clarence Melvin Zener , the discoverer of the Zener effect (electrons tunnel through the barrier layer). Since the 1970s, the name Z-diode has been recommended because the Zener effect is only responsible for low breakdown voltages. In the forward direction they behave like normal diodes. In the reverse direction, Z diodes are blocking at low voltages, just like normal diodes. Above a certain blocking voltage, the so-called breakdown voltage, the current increases by many orders of magnitude within a few hundred millivolts.

NAINA Powermodule |

Power Modules

  • Diode-Diode Module
  • Thyristor-Diode Module
  • Thyristor-Thyristor-Module
  • 3 Phase Thyristor-Module
  • 3 Phase Diode-Module
  • Bridge Rectifier
  • 3 Phase Bridge Rectifier
  • Single Phase Bridge Rectifier
  • Single Phase Bridge Rectifier (half-/full controlled)
  • 3 Phase  Bridge Rectifier Modules
  • 3 Phase  Bridge Rectifier Modules(half-/full controlled)
  • Twin Tower Packages