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The Bavarian engineering company Stercom Power Solutions GmbH specializes in sophisticated, comprehensive system solutions for energy storage systems, power electronics and digital process and automation technology. Stercom is characterized by its exceptional know-how and experience in the following areas: power electronics, real-time software, mechatronics, bus systems, security software.

Stercom solutions are used, for example, in trains and commercial vehicles for efficient recuperation of braking energy, or as a performance booster for pulse power applications, for example in a modern roller coaster and similar funsport systems.

STERCOM Product Consulting

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Manufacturer Info


  • High and pulse power storage on SuperCap basis, USV, KERS systems
  • Storage systems for increased / military environmental requirements, hybrid storage
  • flywheel energy storage, Kinetic cells
  • system controls, SIL software
  • Battery and SuperCap Stack Management (also SIL Level)
  • AC / DC and DC / DC charging technology in the wide power range
  • Inductive energy transfer
  • Power Line Communication
  • Safety technology an sensors
  • drive technology

STERCOM Solutions

System Engineering & Energy Management

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Battery & Ultracap Management

  • Secure / intelligent battery management for security and longevity in storage systems
  • Optimized for "Active Cell Balancing" for optimum protection and efficiency of almost every cell technology
  • AutoConfig Function for automatic detection and configuration of the memory structure
  •  IoT-MQTT interface for secure external access and Cloud Portal solutions


Product Info

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Intelligent Performance Memory

  • Powerslide: Variable electrical storage system for energy efficiency and safety
  • up to 13 powerslides per cabinet; scalable by clusters
  • Ultracap modules for medium currents and peak current (2000 A)
  • active connection: combination with PV systems, batteries, fuel cells
  • passive connection: with existing charger or power inverter
  • Dynamic Cell Balancing (DCB) and Cell Management Controller (CMC)



Stercom Power Conversion

Power Conversion

  • Converters and chargers
  • Test systems, memory and network simulation



Stercom power electronics