Tecate Group



US Manufacturer of Ultracaps

In 2004 the Tecate Group began marketing ultracapacitors. The company concentrated on the design of custom ultracapacitor modules and has pioneered the concept of off shelf modules which allow customers to test the technology before a custom module is designed. Also the root products of Film, Tantalum and Ceramic capacitors are a major factor in the product range.

The secret of its success based on the service concept of building custom modules according to the requirements of the project. Any prototype are fabricated in the headquarters in San Diego USA and will available within a couple of days.

Tecate Group USA

Tecate Industries was founded by Ralph Scarano, an electronics engineer and entrepreneur with more than 60 years’ experience in the capacitor industry. With the vision that capacitors could be cost-effectively manufactured in Mexico, the company selected the border town of Tecate, BC, Mexico as the location of their first manufacturing facility for their new company.

The TECATE product family includes supercapacitors with 0,5 to 3000F  (2,7V) as well as small modules from 0,25 to 15F at 5 to 25V operating voltage; custom designed modules with specified requirements to dimensions and capacity.

Tecate Portfolio

Supercaps, Modules and Custom Designed Modules from one source


  • Small cells: 0,5F to 100F
  • Medium cells: 100F to 400F
  • Slim design: 4 F, 10F
  • Industrial temperature range



TECATE custom designed modules

Custom Design Modules

  • Cells
  • Interconnect
  • Design
  • Packaging



  • Module 4,6V
  • Module 5V, 5,4V
  • Module 8,1V ~ 16,2V
  • Module 130V/150V


TECATE standard film-, tantalum-, ceramic-capacitors

Standard Capacitor