TECATE Modules

TECATE standard modules

Power Burst® Supercaps 5 to 5,4 Volt

TECATEs Modules with Power Burst® Supercaps cover a wide range of capacities and voltage ranges.  there are cells available cells from 0,33F to 400F.

The Power Burst® supercaps complement other manufacturers in an excellent way due to alternative dimensions and voltage ranges.


5V: PC5-5


  • Aktive balancing
  • 2F
  • -40°C ~ +70°C



Das PC5-5 Modul. Hermetisch versiegeltes Modul mit 5V Betriebsspannung bei 2F. Sehr dünnes prismatischen Design. Das Modul wird aktiv gebalanced und verfügt über Kabelanschluss (L = 50mm) mit Stecker.

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Tecate PC5-5

PBL 5.4V, PBLL und PBLL Active



  • Passive or active balancing
  • Radial leaded with flexible lead and conector options
  • 0,25F to 15F
  • -40°C ~ +65°C


PBL / PBLL series with 5V operating voltage for extended temperatures. Adapt the conections with Radial leaded or with flexible leads and conector. With UL certification.

PBL 5.4V

Tecate PBL 5,4V


Tecate PBLL 5,4V


Tecate PBLL 5,4V
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