TECATE Modules

TECATE standard modules

Power Burst® Supercaps 5 to 5,4 Volt

TECATEs Modules with Power Burst® Supercaps cover a wide range of capacities and voltage ranges.  there are cells available cells from 0,33F to 400F.

The Power Burst® supercaps complement other manufacturers in an excellent way due to alternative dimensions and voltage ranges.



  • Aktive balancing
  • 2F
  • -40°C ~ +70°C




  • Passive or active balancing
  • Radial leaded with flexible lead and conector options
  • 0,25F to 15F
  • -40°C ~ +65°C


Individual specification

Do you have specific technical requirements? We advise you on the design of the supercaps or modules according to your requirements.

Customized specification