SPSCAP Cells 650F - 5600F

SPSCAP WLH Series - Cells 650F - 5600F

Small Cells 3 to 50 Farad

Best Solution as Battery-Replacement
in Embedded Applications

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  • Railways
  • Automotive
  • Hybrid-Mobile
  • AGV
  • many more

SPSCap has been offering these high-performance cells for 10 years. They are used in SPSCap's own modules as well as in industrial applications. The original target market for mobility applications has also confirmed its outstanding properties. They are but not only found in commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, utility vehicles and railway applications.

The new cell generation with 2.85V nominal voltage is currently available with 4200F and 5600F.

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SCP-WLH series 650F to 5600F
SCP-WLH series 650F to 5600F