SPSCAP Modules

SPSCAP Modules

Ultracap - Modules

The scope of supply of SPSCap currently includes modules with a voltage range of 16V to 160V with various capacities and designs. Thus, a suitable standard module can be found for (almost) every field of application. These modules are based on the 2.7V cells.

Most modules include a UMU (UltacapMonitoringSystem). The UMU includes a balancing of the cells, a temperature monitoring (NTC) and notification of the maximum voltage reached. As standard analog or binary signal, alternatively the version with CanBus interface is available.

MD 16V58F

58F bzw. 60F

  • Fahrerlose Transportsysteme
  • Messtechnik
  • USV-Anlagen
  • Steuerungenstechnik
  • uvm.



Small Cells:
3F to 50F XP

  • especially for harsh
  • digital circiuit
  • meetering
  • medical application
  • controll technology






50F to 300F

    • Fire Alarm System
    • Medical Handheld Set
    • Measurements
    • Emergency Lighting
    • UPS
    • and much more



Medium Sized Cells:
100F to 360F

  • Robots
  • Pitch Control
  • Cranes
  • UPS
  • Torch lights
  • and much more



Small Cells:
3F to 50F

  • Electronic circuits 
  • Measurement 
  • Medical 
  • Control technology
  • Remote control 
  • and much more.



Large Cells:
650F to  3000F

  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Trains,  Trams
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • and much more


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