SPSCAP Module 50V bis 100V

SPSCAP Module: 50V - 100V

50V up to 100V modules ranging from 10F to 125F

Enormous variety of possible application

For diverse applications, various modules with different voltages and capacities are available. The ULTRACAP modules are used as electrical load in test systems, as emergency supply in pitch control solutions u.v.a.m. used. By series connection of the same modules voltages of several 100V are also possible, e.g. be used directly in the DC link of drives as a buffer.

The variety of applications has become so large in recent years, so that a full list here can no longer make sense.

  • Energy storage in electronic meters 
  • High Reliability  
  • Versatile applications in control units

Technische Informationen

64V 125F
MCP 80V 93F