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Tecate supercap cells 3 V

Ultracapacitor 3V

Typical application:
e.g battery replacement

TPLH series with 3V. For industrial applications, e.g. Automotive, in the temperature range -40 ° C to + 65 ° C.

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Tecate 3V supercap

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Product overview 3V

Article no.Voltage VCapacity FTemperatureDimensions
TPLH-3R0/100GS22X463VDC100-40°C to +65°C L: 46 mm D: 22 mm
TPLH-3R0/350GS35X613VDC350-40°C to +65°C L: 61 mm D: 35 mm
TPLH-3R0/400GS35X66 3VDC400-40°C to +65°C L: 66 mm D: 35 mm
TPLH-3R0/450GS35X713VDC450-40°C to +65°C L: 71 mm D: 35 mm

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Do you have specific technical requirements? We advise you on the design of the supercaps or modules according to your requirements.

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