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TECATE Powerburst Cells
Tecate cells

Power Burst® Ultracapacitors

The Tecate Group line of PowerBurst® Ultracapacitors are an array of cells and modules covering a wide range of capacitance values and voltages. There are available 0,33F to 400F cells.

Power Burst® Ultracapacitors are an interesting addition to the standard specifications in terms of dimensions and voltage levels.

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 ≡  Ultracap PC5 & PC10 ≡
The discontinued, prismatic Ultracap cells PC5 and PC10 from TECATE are available at short notice.
Same as Maxwell PC10!

Tecate 2,7 V supercap slim profile

2,7V Slim Profile

  • Kompakte Bauform
  • geringer ESR
  • 7,2F bis 9,6F
  • -40°C ~ +65°C






2,5V - PC5

  • Prismatic Design
  • 4F to 10F
  • -40°C ~ +70°C
  • in stock!



Tecate Ultracap 2,7 V


  • Radial type and Snap in
  • 0,33F to 400F
  • -40°C ~ +65°C




Tecate Zelle 3V


  • EDLC snap in
  • 100F to 450F
  • -40°C ~ +65°C