Custom Design Modules

Customized ultracap modules made by TECATE

Supercap modules for special applications

Special Applications require individuell solutions. TECATE makes it possible to design cells and modules according to what you need for your application. For the design are available a wide range of capacties and operating voltages. Design your module adjusted to your project.

Configure your module variable from 2,5V to 75V and capacities between 0,5F and 3000F. For the control over the module there are optional active or passive balancing. Packaging: Shrink sleevs, metal aluminium enclosures, open frame for easy systems integration and build to print.

The conections are individuelly designable. Appoint the typ of conector, e.g. to avoid wrong installation. Furthermore choose the thickness, length and color. 

Typicall applications:

  • LED emergency ligths
  • LED labeling
  • UPS (Uniterrupted power supply)
  • Windmill (Pitch Control)
  • Compensate peak load
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TECATE customized ultracap cells
  • Wide variety of capacitance and voltage options
    - 0,5F bis 3000F
    - 2,5V bis 75V
  • Passive or active cell balancing available


TECATE customized modules
  • USA based engineering
  • Solid Works 3D modeling
  • Custom PCB layouts
  • Higher level circuit integration
  • Quick turn prototyping


TECATE customized ultracap solutions
TECATE customized ultracap solutions
  • Wire- various gauges, lengths and colors
  • Connectors or strip and tin leads
  • Custom wire sleeving
  • Flexible lead and connector options


TECATE customized ultracap solutions
TECATE customized ultracap solutions
  • Shrink sleeving
  • Metal enclosures
  • Open frame for easy system integration
  • Build to print