TECATE Modules

TECATE standard  ultracap modules

Power Burst® Supercaps

TECATEs Modules with Power Burst® Supercaps cover a weid range of capacities and voltage ranges and complement excelent the Nesscap Ultracaps due to other dimensions and voltage ranges.

More information about Supercapacitors: Functioning

5,0V to 5,4V

  • With cable or wire connections
  • Passive balancing
  • 2,5F to 15F
  • -40°C ~ +85°C
  • Extended temperature


5V to 25V

  • Active or passive balancing
  • Radial leads
  • 0,4F to 2F
  • -40°C ~ +70°C



8.1V to 32.4V

  • Unique slim profile design
  • On-board thermistor
  • Molex conector
  • 0.41F to 16,66F
  • -40°C ~ +65°C



  • Aktive balancing
  • 25F or 58F
  • Screw terminals
  • -40°C ~ +65°C
  • Rugged, fully encolosed system


Custom Design Modules

Haben Sie spezifische Anforderungen? Legen Sie die Supercaps oder Module nach Ihrem Project aus.

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